Queerbungle of the Blessed Memory, 1981-1998
The Doggie Lama
QB! Look this way!

Smile, OB!

Laugh out loud!

Legend of the Lhasa Apso

In Tibet it is believed that the souls of Lamas who did not reach Nirvana will sometimes reincarnate as Lhasa Apsos . Such Lhasas are known as doggie lamas

QB strayed into my dorm room in New Mexico in the spring of 1982. She seems to have been a Lhasa Apso/Poodle mix. We had 16 years as companions.
Larry the Cat
Larry spent his kittenhood at a sophmore dorm at St. Lawrence University. He came to the science buildings seeking asylum at about 10 months and came to live with me on May 4, 1993 
"I hate sleeping in the loft!"
"I am not sleeping!"
It's nicer with company
Fafal the One-Eyed Cat
Fafal spent her kittyhood in the woods near a friend's house. Her family was take out by a fox and she had a respiratory infection that deflated her left eye. My friend's cat would not allow her into the house so she came to live with me in May of 1993, just after Larry moved in.
Only crystal will do for water.
Preparing for Bat Mitzvah
"Again with the camera?"
Kiva (Quivera, the Golden Girl)
Two students brought Kiva into my life as they thought I was "too sad without a dog" after QB died in 1998. She was taken to the shelter with her littermates and adopted, but that family brought her back a few weeks later. She was 5.5 months old when she came to live with me, but can't quite forget her early abandonment.
"Can you fix it, Grandpa?"
"But I want to go with you!"
"Wake up, Grandma!"
It's hard to write without a thumb.
"Ah, home in the desert!"
Pace, the 2nd Doggie Lama?
Pace was born at a puppy mill in Hermon, New York. She's the only pet I've ever paid for! Since she is also a Lhasa-Poo, I'm hoping that she will be a Doggie Lama like her big sister QB whom she never met. So I named her "Peace" (in Italian) as "Lama bait." So far, she shows no sign of lamahood ... too fond of beer.
"Must you wake me?"
Puppy Pace under a 6" stool.
"But this is my pillow!"
"Mud? What mud?"
"Where's the hockey game?"