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Spring 2017 Classes

I will be teaching Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory (ECON 252-01&02)
and SYE Seminar: Trust, Networks, and Social Capital (ECON 450/AFS 336-01).

Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory
Economics 252-01&02

Syllabus for Spring 2017

N. Gregory Mankiw, MACROECONOMICS, 9th EDITION, Worth Publishers, 2016.
[ISBN: 978-14641-8289-1].
(Note: the 8th edition is a close substitute with different page numbers for similar text.)

SYE Seminar: Trust, Contracts, and Social Networks
Economics 450-03

Syllabus for Spring 2017

Oliver Hart, Firms, FIRMS, CONTRACTS, AND FINANCIAL STRUCTURE, Clarendon Press, Oxford Unversity Press, 1995.
[ISBN: 0-19-828881-6

Other required readings will be posted on Sakai.



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