The 10th athlon

March XX, 2023(?)

Outside the SLU PQRC

Brought to you by:

SLU Department of Mathematics, Computer Science, and Statistics, The Hub, and The Q-Club


*Before reading further you should note that there will be many, many homemade pies at this event. If anything beyond that matters feel free to continue.

A description of the rules and scoring for the 2019 Piathlon can be found here.

In celebration of Pi day (March 14th), the St. Lawrence Universities Department of Mathematics, Computer Science, and Statistics hosts the annual Piathlon! This is the only known Piathlon in the world.

What is a piathlon, you ask? A biathlon involves completing two events. A triathlon involves completing three events. Thus, it follows that a piathlon involves completing pi events!*

There are prizes (gift certificates to the SLU bookstore) awarded to the top teams! 100$ (first place team), 50$ (second place team), and 25$ (third place team). There is also a special award for the individual who can recite the most digits of pi. (The current record is 386 digits, recited by Mitch Joseph (Mathematics class of 2015).)

Pictures from Piathlons Past

Piathlon 2010

Piathlon 2011

Piathlon 2012

Piathlon 2013

Piathlon 2014

Piathlon 2015

Piathlon 2016

Piathlon 2017

Piathlon 2019 there or don't!

*The department recognizes the impossibility of actually performing pi events.

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