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Annular Solar Eclipse
10 May, 1994

Eclipse photos taken by J. Miller
with a Pentax P3 attached to an f/12 Bausch & Lomb Criterion 4000
Schmidt-cassegrain telescope, exposure time and film type unrecorded.

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Queerbungle, the Eclipse Queen
Everyone was ready for the big event . . .
Queerbungle, the Eclipse Queen
. . . everyone, but the weather.
No, we can't see anything through the clouds!
James Reiss '95, A. O'Donoghue, C. Miller, ??, Steve Maier '96
Here comes the rain!
Blue tarps . . . not a good sign!
C. Miller, Gayle Barton
Computer Simulation
The computer simulation was of little consolation.
And then, 10 minutes before maximum, the skies cleared!
Observing crowd
A few last minute adjustments
Observing Crowd
Yep, there's the sun!
Binocular adjustment requires an unflattering pose!
J. Miller, squatting
The masses gather for the big show!
The Eclipse!
The eclipse!
About 10 minutes before maximum!
There she goes!
There she goes!
Keep it coming!
Keep it coming!
Almost there!
Almost there!
Maximum recorded with the last shot in the camera!
The "beads" visible in the lower left edge of the limb are caused by sunlight streaming around mountains on the moon. Cool!
Ahhhh. . .
Hi res version: 300 dpi TIFF (436k)

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