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  Happy/Sad Ball Mallet

A wooden mallet with a 'happy' (bouncy) and 'sad' (rigid) ball attached to each end of the head.

Notes: Bounce each side on the table to demonstrate the difference. Can also be attached to a post so that mallet swings down and hits brick. Hold mallet parallel to table and release: the 'happy' ball will knock over the brick; the 'sad' ball does not

LDR-F4. Two mallets are available.


Happy/Sad Mallet
'Happy' and 'Sad' sides are marked

Mallet & Brick
Attach mallet to stand. Position near top of brick
Mallet & Brick
View from the read
Mallet & Brick
This striking position of the brick works well

Mallet & Brick
A thin rod held in place by a thicker rod


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