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Physics 103 Lab Instructions
Fall 2015

Important Documents:
Lab Syllabus
Introduction To Laboratory Practices
  Lab Report samples:
Well written
Don't do this!

Week of: Experiment:
31 Aug
  • Position vs. Time: Understanding Motion
  • Graphing and Curve Analysis Using Microsoft Excel© 2016
  • 7 Sep The Motion of Free Fall
  • For this experiment, also print and read the "Lab Syllabus" & "Introduction to Laboratory Practices"
  • Also, review the two sample Lab Reports (links above right)
  • 14 Sep Motion with Constant Acceleration
  • For this experiment, also print Using a Photogate Timer
  • 21 Sep Vector Addition
    28 Sep Projectile Motion
    5 Oct Centripetal Force
  • For this experiment, also print Reading a Vernier Caliper
  • 12 Oct No lab this week – Fall Break
    19 Oct Conservation of Mechanical Energy
    26 Oct One-Dimensional Collisions (Instructions will be handed out in lab)   Boo! Boo!
    2 Nov Newton's Third Law and Conservation of Momentum (Instructions will be handed out in lab)
    9 Nov Torque & Equilibrium
    16 Nov Pressure and Buoyant Force
  • For this experiment, refresh your memory with Reading a Vernier Caliper
  • 23 Nov No lab: Thanksgiving break   Gobble, gobble!
    30 Nov
  • Lab Evaluations
  • Waves on a String
  • 7 Dec No lab this week. Good luck on your finals!

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