Physics 104 Lab Instructions
Spring 2019
Important Documents:
Lab Syllabus
Introduction To Laboratory Practices
⇐ These documents are the same as last semester ⇒
⇐ and well worth reviewing! ⇒
Lab report examples:
Well written
“Don't do this!”
Experiments marked Print instructions in color! are best printed in color for text and figure emphasis

Week of: Experiment:
21 Jan Electrostatic Charges
28 Jan The Equipotential Surfaces of a Dipole Print instructions in color!
  • For this experiment, also print the Conducting Paper Grid Map in landscape and in color,and …
  • Using a Digital Multimeter – Bring this document with you each week! Print instructions in color!
  • 4 Feb Ohm’s Law Print instructions in color!
  • For this experiment, refresh your memory with Graphing & Curve Analysis Using Microsoft Excel© 2016
  • 11 Feb No Lab – February Break!
    18 Feb Series & Parallel Circuits
    25 Feb Magnetic Fields Print instructions in color!
  • Strong magnets will be used. Be careful with your laptop, smart phone, credit cards and student ID!!
  • 4 Mar The Laws of Faraday and Lenz
  • An accompanying worksheet will be printed for you, and handed out in lab
  • 11 Mar Electrocardiography-EKG Print instructions in color!
    18 Mar No Lab – Spring Break! Happy St. Patrick's Day!
    25 Mar Spherical Mirrors & Index of Refraction
    1 Apr Thin Lenses
    8 Apr Diffraction and Interference Print instructions in color!
    15 Apr The Photoelectric Effect – Note: Instructions updated 21 March, 2019
  • For this experiment, you should also review Graphing & Curve Analysis Using Microsoft Excel© 2016
  • 22 Apr The Hydrogen Spectrum and Energy Levels Print instructions in color!
  • Lab Evaluations
  • 29 Apr Measuring the Radioactivity of a Smoke Detector
  • Note: There will be no eating or drinking during this experiment!
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