St. Lawrence University

I am currently an Associate Professor of Statistics at St. Lawrence University, a liberal arts college in Canton, NY in the Department of Mathematics, Computer Science and Statistics. As an applied statistician, I teach mainly statistics courses at St. Lawrence.

I am also the Director of the Quantitative Resource Center (QRC) at St. Lawrence.





Sports Analytics

I have done some work on statistical methods for assessing player performance in sports. I've co-founded a company, Statistical Sports Consulting (SSC), to assist teams in utilize statistical methods in their planning, training and in-game play.

A link to this work is given here:

Statistical Sports Consulting Stat Sport Consulting Logo

I also occationally write a blog for SSC entitled Empirical Sports which is linked here:

Empirical Sports


Biometric Authentication

Since 1999, I've been researching statistical methods for biometric devices such as fingerprints, iris scans, and facial recognition systems. I've been lucky enough to have generous support for that research from the National Science Foundation and the Center for Identification Research (CITeR). My research webpage is found:

Biometrics Research Page

That work has included a book that was published in Computational Methods in Biometric Authentication2010 by Springer, Computation Methods in Biometric Authentication. The software for the statistical methods from that book, known as CITeR PRESS or simply PRESS, can be downloaded here: PRESS Website.