I am an economist specalizing in the economics of innovation, environmental economics, and macroeconomics. I am an Assistant Professor at St. Lawrence University. You can access my department profile here.

Current students and advisees can schedule appointments with me here.

Current Research

"The impact of patent protection and financial development on industrial R&D" (with Keith Maskus and Rebecca Neumann), Research Policy (2019), 48(1): 355-370.

"International financial openness and industrial R&D" (with Rebecca Neumann), Economics Bulletin (2018), 38(1):490-500.

"The impact of environmental policy stringency on industrial R&D conditional on pollution intensity and relocation costs," Environmental and Resource Economics, (2017) 68(3):595-620.

"Induced innovation in the waste management sector"

"Who innovates with whom and why? Evidence from international collaboration in energy patenting"