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The Department of Geology is committed to providing students with as many field experiences as possible. Field trips are an integral part of most courses taught in the Geology, and the department offers a number of trips within and outside of the United States to see geological features first hand.

San Salvador
Modern mixed carbonate-siliciclastic depositional environments

The uplifted tip of the Nicaraguan Rise displays unique geological features that are elsewhere on the Rise submerged beneath the ocean or buried beneath Quaternary sediments and rocks.

San Salvador
Modern carbonate depositional environments

San Salvador Island, Bahamas is an ideal place to explore the geologic and biologic aspects of (sub)tropical marine carbonate environments.

Bonnia & Amelia Croatia
Adriatic carbonate platform

Continuous sections, spanning tens of millions of years, reveal the sea-level and climatic oscillations during the Jurassic-Cretaceous greenhouse earth

Bonnia & Amelia Croatia
Tropical Glaciers

Modern glacier retreat in a tropical setting

Cincinnati Arch
Storm-influenced carbonate ramp

The classic Upper Ordovician strata of the Tri-state region have long fascinated both paleontologists and sedimentologists.

Ordovician and Mississipian carbonates of Kentucky and Virginia

Ordovician and Mississipian outcrops illustrate the interplay between the tectonically active foreland and eustasy.

Little Missouri

Rugged Badlands exhibit Late Cretaceous through Eocene depositional history of western North Dakota.

Gillis quarry near Winnipeg, MB

The best outcrops of burrow-mottled Red River Formation with giant cephalopods, gastropods, stromatoporoids and corals...