Curriculum Vitae

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Courses At St. Lawrence


Global Climate
College Physics (103) + Lab
College Physics (104)
Classical Mechanics
The Sky
Math Methods in Physics
Modern Physics


Other Teaching

SOAR (Stimilating Opportunites After Retirement)

Oklahoma Scholar-Leadership Enrichment Program (OSLEP)
October 30-November 3, 2002
Northwestern Oklahoma State University
NWOSU Faculty: Steve Maier (SLU Alumnus)
Seminars 2010-2011
Past OSLEP classes

Meeting Presentations On Teaching

Astro 101: A Continuing Dialog held before the
Amerian Astronomical Society 196th Meeting, June 2000 in Rochester, NY
Collaborative Exams
International Symposium on Teaching Astronomy to Non-Science Majors, June 1998 in Albuquerque, New Mexico
Sponsored by the Astronomical Society of the Pacific
Abandoning the Standard Textbook
Amerian Astronomical Society 191st Meeting, January 1998 in Washington, DC [57.08]
From Stargazing to Science: The Value of Astro's "onomy" in Teaching the Content and Nature of Astronomy and Science


Background Image by Beth Lomanto, SLU '02, reviewing for a final exam in Physics 333 (see pics 4 & 9)