SOAR: Stimulating Opportunities After Retirement
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SOAR 2018
September 4 September 11
Milky Way Contents Milky Way Environment
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September 18 September 25
Other Galaxies Galaxies, Dark Matter and the Structure of the Universe
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SOAR 2017
Life on the Tilted Teacup Ride
September 5
September 12
Coordinates & The Day
The Year
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September 19
September 26
Phases of the Moon
The Analemma
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Homework Solution
Johnson Hall Window
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SOAR 2016
Earth and Climate
September 6
Global Circulation ppt
September 13
Past Climates ppt
September 20
Future ppt
SOAR 2006
Seeking God in Einstein's Universe
September 7
September 14
Into the Vastness
Into the Wierdness
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.ppt, .pdf
September 21
September 28
Substance of the World
The Children of Earth
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